Android 13 Update: Which Phones Are Getting It?

The anticipation surrounding the Android 13 update is growing, and smartphone users are eager to learn which devices will receive this new version. In this article, we’ll discuss the various smartphone models that are confirmed or likely to receive the Android 13 update. Keep in mind that manufacturers release updates gradually, so some devices may take longer to receive the update than others.

Android 13 Update Benefits

Prepare to be amazed as the Android 13 update unfolds a plethora of innovative features and improvements. Let’s dive into the benefits of this cutting-edge update and how it will revolutionize the Android experience.

  1. Enhanced Privacy Controls:

    Firstly, android 13 brings users increased privacy controls, allowing for better management of app permissions. Granular settings ensure your personal data stays protected as well as putting you in control of your information.

  2. Optimized Battery Life:

    With the introduction of Android 13, expect to see enhanced battery life on your smartphone. Advanced algorithms intelligently manage battery consumption, enabling your device to last longer between charges.

  3. Fluid User Interface:

    Firstly, you will experience a seamless and fluid user interface with Android 13. The update offers smoother transitions, quicker app loading, and a more responsive overall experience, making your smartphone interactions delightful.

  4. Improved Notifications Management:

    Android 13 addresses the cluttered notification panel by introducing refined notification management. Organize and prioritize your alerts efficiently as well as ensure you never miss an important update or message.

  5. Dark Mode Enhancements

    Android 13 takes dark mode to the next level, offering system-wide integration for supported apps. Save battery life and reduce eye strain with this visually appealing as well as functional feature.

Android 13 Update

Confirmed Android 13 Update Devices by Manufacturer

Some of the manufacturers that confirmed Android 13 updates are shown in the below list along with the devices’ names.


  • Zenfone 9
  • Zenfone 8
  • Zenfone 8 Flip
  • ROG Phone 5 series
  • ROG Phone 6 series


  • Pixel 4 series
  • Pixel 5 series
  • Pixel 6 series


  • LG Velvet series
  • LG Wing


  • Moto Edge series
  • Moto G series (G82, G72, G62, G52, G42, G32, G22)


  • Nokia X20 series
  • Nokia G series (G10, G11, G20, G21, G50, G300)
  • Nokia X10 and X100
  • Nokia XR20


  • Galaxy S, Note, Z, and A series
  • Galaxy M and F series

Why Not All Phones Get the Android 13 Update

While most Android smartphones released in recent years are compatible with updates to the latest versions of the operating system, compatibility can vary by device manufacturer and model. Some manufacturers provide OS updates for a longer period of time than others, while some older models may not be compatible with newer versions of Android. Moreover, samsung has been standing out in keeping updates for longer.

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As the Android 13 update approaches, it’s essential to stay informed about which devices will receive the update. This list is subject to change as manufacturers announce their update plans, so it’s crucial to check for updates and the manufacturer’s policy regarding your specific device.

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