Anker Soundcore Headphones on AliExpress: A20i and P20

Cranking up the volume on their anniversary celebrations, Anker introduces two exceptional sound gadgets: the Soundcore A20i and Soundcore P20i headphones. Debuting on AliExpress, these Anker Soundcore headphones come with a celebratory promotional price.

Anker Soundcore Headphones

Anker Soundcore A20i: A Blend of Power and Innovation

The Soundcore A20i commands attention with a bold design that enhances your musical journey. Key features include:

  • Water resistance
  • Integrated microphone system powered by advanced artificial intelligence
  • Crystal-clear voice capture even in noisy environments

The A20i ensures your voice on a call is always heard, no matter where you are.

Anker Soundcore P20i: A Sophisticated Sound Experience

Complementing the A20i, the Anker Soundcore P20i exudes sophistication. Features to expect include:

  • A choice of 22 preset EQs for tailored musical immersion
  • Powerful bass for sound depth
  • Long-lasting battery offering up to 30 hours of continuous playback

Moreover, both headphones are available on AliExpress at a discounted rate. This special promotion runs till Sunday, May 20th.

  • Soundcore A20i: Original price R$ 195,02, Discount price R$ 154,09
  • Soundcore P20i: Original price R$ 195,02, Discount price R$ 154,09

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With Anker’s new Soundcore headphones on AliExpress, music lovers are set to enjoy a next-level sound experience at an irresistible promotional price. Hurry though, this offer is only good until May 20th. Furthermore, from the innovative A20i to the sophisticated P20i, your perfect sound companion awaits. Finally, Anker continues to redefine the audio world with its innovative products, making great sound accessible to all.

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