Gaming Monitors Dominate E-commerce as Top Electronics

Brazilian gamers are increasingly investing in their gaming setups, with gaming monitors emerging as the most desired electronics on the OLX platform. A high-quality screen is essential for fully utilizing a powerful video card and maximizing performance.

Gaming Monitors: Most Advertised, Searched, and Purchased Electronics

Data from OLX’s first quarter reveals that gaming monitors, characterized by higher resolutions, enhanced image quality, and faster refresh rates, topped the list of most advertised, searched, and purchased electronics. The average price for a gaming monitor on the platform was R$ 404.38, representing a 73.10% savings compared to new monitors.

gaming monitors

Other Popular Gaming Monitors on OLX

Following gaming monitors, other sought-after gaming electronics on OLX included:

  • Video cards (GPUs)
  • Notebooks
  • Chairs
  • PCs
  • Mice
  • Headsets
  • Keyboards

Both monitors and GPUs were the most advertised and sold products in e-commerce.

The Importance of Assessing Quality and Condition

According to OLX, the most significant price difference between new and used products was observed in gaming headsets, with traded electronics prices being 84.09% lower and an average ticket of R$ 126.06. However, consumers must carefully evaluate the quality and condition of used products before making a purchase.

The same advice applies to purchasing gaming computers, the second most desired electronic device on the platform. Furthermore, OLX reports that the average price of complete PCs in e-commerce is R$ 2,726.46. Even with an attractive price, consumers should research the specifications and carefully assess the hardware’s condition.

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Gaming monitors have become the most desired and purchased electronic devices in e-commerce, as gamers increasingly prioritize their gaming setups. Platforms like OLX offer significant savings on these products compared to new items, but consumers should remain cautious and evaluate the quality and condition of used products before purchasing. As the gaming market continues to grow, the demand for high-quality gaming electronics is expected to keep rising.

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