Gmail Joins the Ranks of Services Offering Blue Verification Seal

Gmail is set to offer the coveted blue verification seal for companies and brands using the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) protocol. This added layer of authentication ensures recipients that the emails they receive are genuine.

Enhanced Trust with Gmail’s Blue Verification Seal

Google announced that the blue verification seal will be rolled out to companies activating BIMI on the Google Workspace platform. Brands already using the protocol will automatically see the check symbol appearing next to their emails. Moreover, by helping users and security systems identify and stop spam, this authentication process increases trust in email sources, creating a better email ecosystem for all.

Gmail Blue Verification Seal | How the Blue Seal Works

The eye-catching blue seal icon appears next to verified senders. Hovering the cursor over the icon reveals a message stating that the sender’s domain and logo have been verified by Google, providing an extra layer of trust for users.

Other Platforms with Verification Badges

While Gmail is the latest to adopt the blue verification seal, it is not the first:

  • Twitter introduced Twitter Blue in Brazil, allowing users to pay for the iconic badge.
  • Tinder and TikTok both offer account verification options.
  • LinkedIn members can earn badges to prove their workplace affiliations.
  • Meta platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have authentication methods for profiles.

Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Meta would introduce a “Meta Verified” system. This system is similar to Twitter Blue, with prices ranging from $11.99 (web version) to $14.99 (Android and iOS).

blue verification seal

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Gmail’s introduction of the blue verification seal adds a valuable layer of trust and authentication for companies and brands using the BIMI protocol. Furthermore, as more platforms adopt similar verification methods, users can feel more confident in the authenticity of the content they receive.

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