Google’s AI Bard Deemed “Cringe” | Initial Tests Reveal

Google’s AI Bard has faced strong criticism during its initial testing phase, with employees labeling it “cringe” and even “worse than useless,” according to internal documents accessed by Bloomberg. The generative AI tool has raised concerns among employees, leading some to question whether it should have been released at all.

Google's AI Bard

Google’s AI Bard Troublesome Performance

During the development of Bard, employees from various teams brought in to train the AI. However, the tool’s responses to questions left employees unimpressed, resulting in harsh criticism:

  • Referred to as a “compulsive liar” and “cringe”
  • Considered “worse than useless” by some employees
  • Provided dangerous or misleading advice in response to questions

In one instance, Bard’s response to a question about diving with equipment deemed potentially life-threatening. In another, its instructions on landing a plane thought to lead to a crash.

Google’s Ethics Team Overlooked

Bloomberg’s report also highlights that Google’s ethics division bypassed Bard’s launch. Employees and former employees interviewed by the publication indicated that the ethics team felt “demoralized and disempowered.” In response to these concerns, Google stated that it continues to invest in its team to ensure AI principles are there in its technologies.

Previous Concerns About Google’s AI Bard

Complaints about Bard’s premature release have surfaced before. Following its unveiling in February, employees expressed discontent with the announcement on Google’s internal network. Additionally, Alphabet’s president shared his belief that Bard was not ready for a product launch.

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Final Thoughts

The initial tests of Google’s AI Bard have exposed several concerns among employees about its effectiveness and reliability. As the development of AI tools like Bard continues, it’s essential for companies like Google to address these issues and ensure that such technologies are thoroughly tested and ethically sound before being released to the public.

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