Microsoft’s Activision Purchase | EU Acquisition Next Week

A significant development is underway in the gaming industry as the “EU Approves Microsoft’s Activision Purchase”. Microsoft’s hefty $69 billion acquisition of Activision is set to gain the European Union’s (EU) antitrust regulators’ approval next week, according to sources quoted by Reuters.

EU Antitrust Regulators Ready for Microsoft’s Activision Purchase

Sources familiar with the matter have indicated that the approval of Microsoft’s Activision acquisition by EU antitrust regulators is due on May 15, 2023. This development follows nearly three weeks after the United Kingdom expressed reservations against the merger.

Microsoft's Activision Purchase

Conditions and Agreements for Microsoft’s Activision Purchase

The EU’s nod for the Activision purchase reportedly came after Microsoft consented to licensing deals with several rival game streaming companies. This includes names like Nvidia, Boosteroid from Ukraine, and Japan’s Ubitus. Interestingly, an agreement also exists with Nintendo to bring Activision’s popular game, ‘Call of Duty’, to the Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, Valve, the parent company of the world’s largest game distribution platform, Steam, rejected a contract proposed by Microsoft. Yet, it expressed trust in Microsoft, suggesting a guarantee isn’t necessary for maintaining a healthy relationship between the firms.

Global Landscape: Approvals and Objections

In March 2023, Japan gave a thumbs up to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Conversely, efforts are underway in the US to block the transaction.

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As the “EU Approves Microsoft’s Activision Purchase”, it signifies a major shift in the gaming industry’s landscape. While such a monumental merger might stir controversy, it also promises exciting developments in the realm of gaming. Moreover, As we navigate through this evolving scenario, it’s crucial to embrace change and anticipate the fascinating novelties it can bring to the gaming world.

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