Nokia’s New Headset Sales | Approval from Anatel

Nokia has recently been granted the clearance to retail its WHP-101 headset in Brazil. After receiving the official certification from Anatel this past Monday (15th), facilitated by Multilaser’s approval request, Nokia’s New Headset Sales team is to introduce its Bluetooth 5.1, over-the-ear headset, first launched in April 2022, to the Brazilian market.

Nokia’s New Headset Sales | Stepping Back into the Brazilian Market

While Nokia’s presence in the mobile device market overshadowed in recent years, it’s important to note that the company’s dedication to electronics production is still very much alive. Moreover, the WHP-101 is a testament to Nokia’s ongoing global endeavors in audio devices and will be in China, reinforcing the anticipation of Nokia’s new headset sales in Brazil.

Nokia's New Headset Sales

Nokia’s New Headset Sales| WHP-101 Headset

The Nokia WHP-101 headset is to entice users with its remarkable battery life, promising a massive 60 hours of usage from an 800 mAh battery. Furthermore, it offers a rapid charging time of only 2 hours and 30 minutes via its USB-C port, with the charging cable.

The WHP-101 headset doesn’t feature active noise cancellation. It is with 40 mm drivers and a built-in microphone, making it perfect for hands-free calls. Positioned as an entry-level, cost-effective option, it aims to rival its competitors’ affordable models in the market.

Aesthetics and Design: The Lightweight Contender

Available in classic black and sleek white, the WHP-101 embraces simplicity and elegance. Weighing a mere 188 grams, this lightweight headset is crafted with folding shells for ease of storage and adjustable bands. When fully folded, it measures 203mm in height, 175mm in width, and the shells have a radius of 75mm.

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The introduction of the WHP-101 in Brazil signals an intriguing shift in Nokia’s strategy. It has a range of premium earbuds and over-the-air headphones in its product portfolio. Furthermore, the success of the WHP-101 could pave the way for other devices from the brand in the Brazilian market. The impact of Nokia’s new headset sales could shape the company’s future endeavors in Brazil.

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