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In its bid to optimize advertisement reach, YouTube has unveiled plans to roll out 30-second, non-skippable ads on its smart TV application. This announcement emerged from the recent YouTube Brandcast event, revealing that YouTube’s smart TV app users will have to endure full 30-second ads without the skip option unless they’re YouTube Premium subscribers.

Non-skippable ads on YouTube | New Advertisement Format

YouTube’s new ad format strategy involves replacing two consecutive 15-second ads with a single, seamless 30-second ad. Advertisers will have the ability to slot their 30-second commercials via YouTube Select, the platform targeting 5% of YouTube’s highlighted content. According to the platform, 70% of impressions on YouTube Select originate from TVs.

Shaping User Experience with Non-Skippable Ads

During the Brandcast event, Neal Mohan, YouTube’s CEO, noted the evolving viewer habits:

  • An increasing number of viewers are accessing YouTube on their home’s largest screen.
  • Viewers, particularly the younger demographic, don’t distinguish between content types anymore.
Non-skippable ads on YouTube

Innovative Ad Placement

In a move mirroring Hulu’s “pause experiences” feature, YouTube announced its intention to start testing ads displayed when a user pauses a video on a smart TV. These YouTube ads will seemingly surround the video in banner format, removable by selecting the “dismiss” button. The exact date when these changes to YouTube’s smart TV ad policy will become public was not there before.

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To conclude, as YouTube aims to enhance its ad reach and effectiveness on smart TV. Viewers should brace for more non-skippable ads. This move could mean more revenue for advertisers and YouTube. Moreover, it’s yet to be seen how audiences will respond to this increase in ad-viewing time. Remember, opting for YouTube Premium can provide an ad-free viewing experience, offering an alternative for those less enthusiastic about these upcoming changes.

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