Samsung Plan to OutSpace TSMC in Chip Production in 5 Years

Samsung, known for developing and manufacturing its own mobile chips, is now aiming to Plan to OutSpace TSMC chip production within five years. Kye Hyun Kyung, president of the Samsung Device Solutions Division, recently revealed the company’s strategy to outpace its rival.

Samsung’s Current Position in Chip Production

Samsung currently lags behind TSMC in foundry technology. The South Korean giant’s 4-nanometer process is about two years behind TSMC, while the 3-nanometer structure trails by approximately one year.

To gain a competitive edge, Samsung plans to adopt Gate All Around (GAA) technology. The key points in the adoption of GAA technology are the following:

  • Initially utilized in the 3 nm process
  • Allows manufacturing of chips up to 45% smaller
  • Consumes up to 50% less energy compared to current TSMC technology

TSMC is not expected to use GAA technology until they reach 2nm production, potentially giving Samsung the advantage.

Samsung Plan to OutSpace TSMC

Positive Customer Response to Samsung Plan to OutSpace TSMC

According to Kye Hyun Kyung, customer feedback for Samsung Electronics’ 3nm GAA process has been positive. Furthermore, this bodes well for the company’s ambitious plan to surpass TSMC in chip production within the next five years.

Potential Impact Of Samsung Plan to OutSpace TSMC

If successful, Samsung’s chip production advancements could lead to the reintroduction of high-end smartphones with Exynos chips, such as the anticipated Galaxy S24 line.

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Samsung’s bold plan to surpass TSMC in chip production relies on the strategic adoption of GAA technology. While it remains to be seen whether the South Korean giant can achieve this goal within the ambitious five-year timeframe, success in this endeavor could have a significant impact on the company’s mobile devices and the broader semiconductor industry.

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