How To Stream Hulu On Discord With And Without Black Screen

Discord is a popular communication network largely used for gaming, but it also offers a screen-sharing function that allows users to share material from their screens with others in a voice or video conversation. This functionality allows you to Stream Hulu on Discord while conversing with your friends.

How To Stream Hulu On Discord

This tutorial will walk you through the process of streaming Hulu on Discord

  1. Install Discord.

    The first step in watching Hulu on Discord is to download and install Discord on your device. To do so, you must first install the Discord program on your computer or mobile device. You will need to establish an account if you have not previously done so. After you’ve created your Discord account, you’ll need to join or establish a server.

  2. Launch a Screen Share

    When you’re in a Discord server, click the screen sharing button to begin a screen share. This symbol appears in the call window and is represented by two arrows pointing in opposing directions. When you click on this icon, a pop-up window will appear with screen-sharing options. From here, you can choose which screen to share and customize the screen-sharing settings to your liking.

  3. Launch Hulu.

    After starting a screen sharing, you must launch Hulu on your device. You must log in to your Hulu account if you are not already logged in. If you do not already have a Hulu account, you may create one on their website.

  4. Now Stream Hulu On Discord

    You may begin watching your favorite episodes and movies once Hulu is open. Your Discord pals will be able to see what you’re watching on their screens as you watch. You may connect with them in real-time while watching, making it a more enjoyable and participatory experience.

  5. Modify the Volume and Image Quality

    You may wish to modify the volume and picture quality to your liking when watching Hulu on Discord. To do so, utilize your device’s volume controls or change the settings in the Hulu app. You may also tweak the picture quality in Discord by changing the screen share settings.

  6. Put an end to the Screen Share.

    When you’ve completed viewing your Hulu episode or movie, click the screen share button again to terminate the screen sharing. This will terminate the stream and restore the call window to its original state.

How To Stream Hulu On Discord Without A Black Screen

If you are encountering a black screen when you stream Hulu on Discord, follow these steps to fix the trouble:

Step 1: Update Discord App :

Check that your device is running the most recent version of the Discord app.

Step 2: Update your graphics drivers:

Check to see if your graphics drivers are up to date since older drivers might cause display problems.

Step 3: Disable hardware acceleration:

Discord has a hardware acceleration function that can occasionally cause screen-sharing troubles. To fix this, deactivate hardware acceleration in Discord’s settings.

Step 4: Restart your device To Stream Hulu on Discord:

Restarting your device will sometimes fix the black screen issue and other issues you are facing.

Step 5: Change screen sharing settings:

To test whether the issue is resolved, try adjusting the screen-sharing settings in Discord, such as lowering the screen-share resolution or framerate.

If the black screen problem persists, contact Hulu support for further assistance.


watching Hulu on Discord is a simple and uncomplicated experience. You may share your favorite shows and movies with your mates while conversing with them in real time with just a few clicks. Whether you like comedies, dramas, or action movies, you can now watch Hulu with your Discord buddies.

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