TikTok Now: A Failed Attempt to Replicate BeReal?

It might have caught your attention this morning if you were on TikTok, that their feature known as TikTok Now has announced its farewell. A mere emulation of BeReal, the social media platform that saw its pinnacle in 2022 by permitting users to upload “photos from now” at specified times, TikTok Now has unfortunately met its premature demise after just nine months since its launch in September.

Tiktok Now

TikTok and their rendition of BeReal

TikTok publicized the termination of TikTok Now, their rendition of BeReal, leaving the audience puzzled. The feature debuted on September 15, 2022, within TikTok, but ByteDance, the parent company, also launched a separate application in certain regions, with Brazil being one such example. In the face of its initial success in 2022, including bagging the “App of the Year” accolade in the App Store and being acknowledged as the second most popular social network, BeReal suffered a swift decline in user interest. TikTok Now, being its replica, unfortunately, followed in its footsteps.

TikTok Now & BeReal

The New York Times reported a staggering 61% plunge in user engagement on TikTok Now in March compared to its record numbers. To put it in perspective, the social network dwindled down to 6 million users, a sharp fall from its peak of 15 million active accounts just five months prior. The context of BeReal is crucial when discussing the downfall of TikTok Now. The French app’s popularity was the catalyst that prompted Instagram, Snapchat, and ByteDance to develop their versions of BeReal.

Why TikTok Now Couldn’t Retain Its Audience?

Initially, the concept of sharing real-time photos seemed attractive, but it didn’t take long for the audience to lose interest. Even with the option to record up to 10-second videos, TikTok Now couldn’t retain its audience. ByteDance acted swiftly and discontinued their rendition of BeReal. Furthermore, given this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Instagram decides to follow suit with their version, Candid.

Tiktok Now

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The abrupt end of TikTok Now, despite its short lifespan, serves as a reminder that in the world of social media, originality and understanding the pulse of the audience is key. Rehashed ideas might not always result in sustained success, and in this context, the concept flopped. Despite the temporary setback, the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms ensures a plethora of new concepts in the pipeline, ready to capture our imaginations and, hopefully, our sustained interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was TikTok Now?

TikTok Now was a feature within the TikTok platform, introduced to emulate the functionality of the social network BeReal. It allows users to post real-time photos at specific times of the day.

Why is TikTok Now shutting down?

TikTok Now is shutting down due to a rapid decline in user interest and engagement. It is similar to the pattern of BeReal.

How long was TikTok Now operational for?

TikTok Now was operational for a brief period of nine months, launched in September 2022.

What was the user response to TikTok Now?

TikTok Now initially saw an influx of users, reaching a peak of 15 million active accounts. However, it experienced a sharp 61% drop in user engagement just five months later, dwindling down to 6 million users.

Did other social media platforms also create their versions of BeReal?

Yes, other major social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat were influenced by the initial success of BeReal and created their versions. Instagram’s version of BeReal is known as Candid.

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