Tinder Video Selfie Verification to Combat Scammers

Tinder is taking a stand against scammers by implementing a video selfie feature to bolster photo verification. This new tool allows members to request video verification from potential matches before initiating a conversation, providing increased control and safety in their interactions.

How Video Selfie Verification Works?

Tinder has begun rolling out the video selfie verification feature, requiring users to record a short video to verify their account on the dating platform. By activating this feature, users can choose to receive messages only from other verified members, further enhancing security.

Obtaining the blue seal of verification is crucial for communicating with other verified users as well as more networking. Furthermore, according to Tinder, the app’s community values authenticity and genuine connections. Over 40% of Tinder users have already begun using the new verification system. More men are now completing the steps during initial testing.

Quote from Tinder’s Senior VP of Product Integrity

Rory Kozoll, Senior Vice President of Product Integrity, emphasized the importance of this new feature. It stated that “Tinder daters always tell us that photo verification is one of their most valuable security features. Moreover, For our 18-25-year-olds, being photo verified gives them a 10% better chance of getting a match. We’ll continue to prioritize these methods to help make Tinder a safer place to meet someone new.”

Tinder’s Ongoing Fight Against Scammers

The introduction of video selfie verification, alongside existing photo verification, aims to make it harder for scammers to deceive users on the platform. Tinder is committed to reducing the risk of fraudulent activity, such as catfishing and other scams.

Additional Safety Features Other than Tinder Video Selfie Verification

In February 2023, Tinder introduced incognito mode and the option to block users in the app. The incognito feature is exclusive to Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum subscribers, while the blocking feature helps increase privacy and avoid unwanted users. Combined with the reporting system for offensive comments, these tools collectively protect Tinder’s community from negative as well as false experiences.

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Safer Dating with Tinder Video Selfie Verification
Tinder’s video selfie verification feature is a significant step forward in enhancing user safety and combating scammers. By prioritizing verification and empowering users with increased control, Tinder continues to strive for a more secure and authentic dating experience for all members.

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