Worldcoin Iris-Scanning App in Brazil | New Cryptocurrency Launch

Worldcoin, an ambitious project that promises to pay users in cryptocurrency for scanning their iris, takes a significant step forward by launching its World Wallet app in 80 countries, including Brazil. The Worldcoin Iris-Scanning App aims to ensure users are genuinely human while offering a unique way to access digital currency.

World App Features

The World app, now available for Android and iOS, serves as a minimalist cryptocurrency wallet. It connects to the Polygon blockchain and enables users to buy, sell, and hold digital currencies. Additionally, the app provides a World ID for those who have scanned their retina using Worldcoin’s Orb device. This ID serves as proof of the user’s humanity and offers password-free login capabilities. However, the distribution of cryptocurrencies in exchange for iris data is still awaiting regulatory approval. Furthermore, few developers have adopted World ID as a login method.

Worldcoin iris-scanning app

The Origins of Worldcoin Iris-Scanning App

Worldcoin is a project by Tools for Humanity, co-founded and presided over by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, and developer of ChatGPT and Dall-E. Launched in 2021, the project initially promised to create a form of universal basic income by paying cryptocurrency to users who scanned their iris.

Criticisms For Worldcoin Iris-Scanning App

Many people have found Worldcoin’s concept almost dystopian and problematic. MIT Review Technology revealed that, for several months, the promise of universal basic income remained unfulfilled. Worldcoin only managed to create a biometric database of financially disadvantaged individuals. Tools for Humanity subsequently shifted its focus to “proof of personhood” – a concept aimed at differentiating humans from robots in the future as artificial intelligence becomes more advanced. The World app wallet represents the first step toward this goal, but further progress remains theoretical.

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Worldcoin’s iris-scanning app launch in Brazil marks an interesting development in the world of cryptocurrency and biometric technology. As the project continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how it will navigate regulatory challenges and respond to criticisms surrounding its approach to user data and privacy.

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